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Your NFT Marketing Checklist

Ready to get your customers STOKED using some NFT marketing but don’t know how to start?  Not a problem!  I put together the NFT Marketing Checklist as a simple resource to help you think about how to create your first NFT marketing campaign. It has a checklist with simple questions to help you think through […]
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How to get your  NFTs to customers (a helpful list)

You want to run your first NFT marketing campaign but need to figure out how to get the NFT from your business to the customer.  Today I’ll tell you about some distribution methods for NFTs, in simple terms, how to get your customers the NFTs you created. There are lots of ways to distribute NFTs […]
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NFT Marketing Deep Dives

Don’t let your marketing get left behind!  The bigwigs of your industry are already testing different ways to use NFTs in their marketing. Whether it be a rewards program, fundraising, or just fun ways to get their customers involved. NFTs are emerging as a new tool for marketers to add to their toolbelt.  Did you […]
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NFT Marketing Deep Dive: Buy NFT, Receive Wine

A billion-dollar wine brand looks to restore its reputation in Napa Valley Fine Wine. Where do they turn?... NFTs of course! Today I want to break down the Robert Mondavi Wine NFT campaign as part of the “NFT Marketing Deep Dive” series.  The whole point is to break down existing marketing campaigns that leverage NFTs […]
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What do NFTs mean for marketing?

We think NFTs and marketing are a use case here to stay! Let's get into it... What do all the companies below all have in common? Welp, if you guessed that they all use NFTs in their marketing, you would be CORRECT! Pretty crazy, huh? Maybe you are one of the people who thought NFTs […]
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Lazy Minting vs. Gasless Minting, What's the Difference?

Minting an NFT refers to the process of putting a record of the token on the blockchain, in this case, Ethereum. This typically requires the creator to pay a gas fee to the Ethereum network to change the NFT contract's state on-chain. Popular NFT platforms (OpenSea, Rarible, Mintable, etc.) have different strategies for reducing or […]
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How Ethereum Platforms Perform "Gasless Minting"

In our post about lazy minting vs. gasless minting, we discussed the need for a layer 2, like ImmutableX or Polygon, to do true gasless minting. There are a few platforms out there claiming to do gasless minting directly on the Ethereum blockchain, such as Mintable. We at Cloud3 Labs were curious about these claims […]
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