Your NFT Marketing Checklist


Ready to get your customers STOKED using some NFT marketing but don’t know how to start? 

Not a problem! 

I put together the NFT Marketing Checklist as a simple resource to help you think about how to create your first NFT marketing campaign.

It has a checklist with simple questions to help you think through and execute on your campaign. 

It may not be all-encompassing with every detail you need to run an NFT marketing campaign, but it is a great place to start!

Before you get into the checklist, if you want to learn more about what NFTs mean for marketing, check out our article here. And if you want to see examples of large companies using NFTs in their marketing, check out our other article here

Now on to the checklist! 

1. What will be the general goal or purpose of the campaign?

Here is where you decide the general goal for running this marketing campaign.

 Are you trying to do something to turn existing customers into loyal fans? Is the goal to get as many new customers as possible? Now is the time to decide! 

  • Loyalty campaign to reward existing customers (LTV, customer retention)
  • Top of funnel giveaway to appeal to new customers (growth, impressions)
  • To give/sell NFTs as a way to token gate content or special offers  (LTV)
  • To use NFTs as a ticket to an event (growth)

2. How will you be distributing these NFTs? 

Now that you have the general goal of the campaign decided on, you need to think about how you will get your NFTs to the customer. 

Distributing NFTs is a simple process, but there are many ways to get the job done. You can check out this other article on our blog for a more in-depth explanation of the different methods.

  • Airdrop - this is a term meaning “Send the NFT directly to a users wallet”. For this it would most likely be best if you have compiled a list of your customers' wallet addresses in a google sheet somewhere. 
  • Token Claim Page - Here, you would create a page for users to go and claim the NFT themselves. 
  • Auction - Here you could auction off a limited amount of NFTs to the top bidders. This is typically best when there is a larger utility associated with the NFT or it is some sort of fundraising initiative.
  • Sell NFT/Catalog - in this approach, you would just sell the NFT like any other item in your store. It would be similar to the Token Claim in the sense that customers can claim their own token. There would just be an extra step that involves paying for the NFT in USD or Crypto 

3. What utility will the NFT hold? 

Step 3 is where you will think about what utilities the NFT will have. NFTs are programmable tokens, so you can make them have functionality. Whether the NFT is supposed to just serve as a collectible to your customers or it can act as a ticket to an event.

It is important to think about what functionality you might want in your NFT before you give them out to customers! 

The NFT will…

  • allow users access to an exclusive event
  • act as a collectible to track involvement or simply to collect
  • allow users to redeem rewards for involvement
  • grant access to special content or shopping catalogs
  • be used as a loyalty card to use at checkout and track reward points
  • be redeemed as a digital coupon

4. Will users be required to purchase the NFT?

This step sort of depends on the decision you made in step 2. NFTs can be sold for USD (or your local currency) or cryptocurrency, but you can also let users claim them for free. 

  • Yes, users will have to pay money to redeem the NFT
  • No, they are Free!

5. Will there be a strong secondary market for the NFT? If so, will you want to take a royalty on those secondary sales? 

Here is another question you should consider when giving or selling NFTs as part of your marketing initiative… will people want to resell them? 

NFTs act as any physical item because one person owns it and can sell it to another. With this in mind, you should think about whether people will want to resell it. 

In the Robert Mondavi Wine example, there is a pretty good incentive to resell the NFT or buy the NFT on the secondary market, which is to be able to redeem the rare wine.

When NFTs only have so many in circulation and are used to unlock things such as special offers, content, shopping catalogs, etc. Then there will be an incentive for people to resell them on the secondary market. If the answer is yes, you need to decide if you want to take a royalty on all the secondary market sales. With NFTs, it is very easy to enable this.

  • YES, there will be a strong secondary market, and YES, you will want to take a royalty on those sales.
  • YES, there will be a strong secondary market but NO you don’t want to take a royalty and cut into our customer's profits on the resell.
  • NO, there won’t be a secondary market

6. What type of media will the NFT asset be?

Here is where you think about what type of asset you would like your NFT displayed as. 

All it takes is some sort of media file or data that becomes the asset connected with the NFT. That means pictures, videos, music, and even code like HTML/CSS are all fair game.

  • JPEG/PNG - still image or digital design
  • MP4/GIF - video or moving image
  • MP3/WAV - sound/music

7. How will the assets get created?

When launching these NFT campaigns, just like any other marketing campaign, it is important to consider where you will get the assets created. This is just a step prompting you to think about who will be creating these assets. 

  • In-house designer
  • Outsourced designer
  • Reuse existing design 

8. Will each NFT have a unique asset, or will all assets be the same?

As you go to create the collection of NFTs to use for your campaign, you need to think about whether every customer NFT will have the same asset or if there will be unique assets for different customers. 

In more simple terms, does every NFT have the same picture or will NFTs have different pictures? 

  • Each NFT will be a unique asset
  • All the NFTs in this campaign will have the same asset
  • Mixed. Some will have the same assets some will have different assets

Launch your next campaign! 

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