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Are you managing a community or audience?

Great, Cloud3 Labs is the perfect tool for you!

Getting your community involved and excited can make or break your project.

Separate from your competitors and learn how to use your community to fuel growth.

A new tool in your marketing toolbelt

What do Starbucks, Gucci, Evian Water, and Reddit all have in common?

They all have used NFTs to create more engaging marketing or community interaction. Yep, even Evian, the water company! See other examples in our post here.

Get your community stoked!

Launch NFT experiences that get your community pumped UP! From airdrops to selling avatars, all the way to free claim sites. There are many ways to utilize NFT experiences to get your community involved and excited.

The best part? Cloud3 Labs enables you to launch all sorts of these campaigns in one easy-to-manage dashboard… without needing ANY code! 

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Launch and manage as many Web3 experiences as your heart desires within our easy-to-use dashboard. See them all laid out in one central place where you can track engagement and success of each campaign. Whether it be: airdrops, free mints, or auctions. You can do it on Cloud3 Labs.
picture of cloud3 labs experiences
Deploy  a customizable no-code site to allow your community to purchase or claim NFTs. Set prices or make it free!
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Selling NFTs?  Split the profits with multiple parties as you launch the sale. Work with designers, artists, or anyone trust free!

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