How to get your  NFTs to customers (a helpful list)


You want to run your first NFT marketing campaign but need to figure out how to get the NFT from your business to the customer. 

Today I’ll tell you about some distribution methods for NFTs, in simple terms, how to get your customers the NFTs you created.

There are lots of ways to distribute NFTs to users or customers. Some require the customer to pay money or cryptocurrency, others are free. 

Nike, Reddit, Budweiser, and the NFL all used NFTs in their marketing last year. They all also had different ways to distribute those NFTs to their customers. 

NFT distribution method list

Below, I will break down in more detail some of the ways you could distribute NFTs to your customers. 

One thing I want to get answered before we get into this is what happens when your business first creates these NFTs? – Well, depending on what service you use to create the NFTs, upon first creation, they will all be owned by a cryptocurrency wallet controlled by your business. 

When we talk about distributing these NFTs, we are talking about getting them from your business's wallet to your customer’s wallets.

Now let’s get into some examples…


The airdrop is probably the most straightforward option for distributing your NFTs. An airdrop is where you drop the NFTs directly into your customer's wallets without needing interaction on their end.

In execution, you would collect a list of wallet addresses from your customers. You could use some sort of lead capture to get your customers to fill out a form leaving their wallet addresses. 

Once you have the list of addresses, you would use a service, such as Cloud3 Labs, that allows you to upload a list of addresses and send out the NFTs.

As I said earlier, this is one of the more straightforward methods to distribute the NFT and users don’t have to connect their wallets anywhere to make it happen. You just enter a list of wallet addresses to send the NFTs to, and voila…your customers have your NFT! 

Claim Page

Claim pages, sometimes referred to as minting pages, are another simple way to distribute NFTs to your customers.

A claim page would be a simple page set up by you where your customers can connect their wallet to redeem an NFT. You could add a page to your existing website or create a landing page to achieve this.

Claim pages can be another great method to use when you want to drive traffic to a website or gather some sort of lead capture info (emails, etc.). 


This one is pretty similar to a claim page, except instead of the customer connecting their wallet to redeem the NFT, they would be bidding on an NFT. Customers could bid with USD or any cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum (this part is up to you!). 

Using the auction method for distribution has been used by multiple large brands in their marketing initiatives. For creators or artists, it is a good revenue generating event. For big brands, you often see it used as something related to fundraising for a cause. 

One example of a big brand using NFTs to fundraise for a cause was the Evian Water x Sara Shakeel NFTs, where the NFTs were sold, and 100% of proceeds went to Somerset House to help provide workspaces for aspiring artists in London.


A catalog is another distribution method that is also similar to the Claim page. Imagine a catalog in this sense as a claim page mixed with a product catalog on an ecommerce site. 

This would be for situations when you had multiple different assets for your NFTs, and users would want to go down a catalog and purchase specific ones.

Maybe you are running a campaign where you work with different local artists to create the art for your rewards NFTs. Each design from a different artist would be turned into an NFT, and a user could go down the catalog where they connect their wallet and select which NFT they would like to purchase. 

P.S. if you were interested in the different methods for distributing NFTs but not sure where to start, Cloud3 Labs creates tools just for you. Schedule your demo with one of our experts or join the waitlist today!

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