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Don’t let your marketing get left behind! 

The bigwigs of your industry are already testing different ways to use NFTs in their marketing. Whether it be a rewards program, fundraising, or just fun ways to get their customers involved. NFTs are emerging as a new tool for marketers to add to their toolbelt. 

Did you know Reddit recently created an NFT campaign allowing users to mint NFT avatars on their platform? The result… over 5 million NFTs minted by millions of users. - Talk about getting a lift in user interaction. 

Famous wine giant Robert Mondavi released an NFT allowing users to purchase an NFT that can be resold or later used to redeem 1 of 1,966 special bottles of wine. 

See what I am saying about the bigwigs in your industry testing NFTs… the examples and success cases are out there. The examples I gave above are just a few popular companies to launch marketing campaigns revolving around NFTs but the list is loonngggg. 

Fear not friend! 

I know it could be a bit overwhelming to hear that all of your competitors are looking into some new technology to try to win one over on you on the marketing front. 

Fear not, that is why I am starting the NFT Marketing Deep Dive Sessions, and I’ll use this article as the 1 stop shop resource for you to learn how to create the best possible online experiences for your customers. As well as breaking down the campaigns and initiatives your competitors are running. 

We will be compiling a list of in-depth analyses on different big brands' marketing campaigns involving NFTs to show you how to implement similar campaigns for yourself!

So star, bookmark, share, and READ! This list below will continue to grow and update into an amazing resource for you to gain inspiration and learn about the implementation of these NFT marketing campaigns.

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NFT Campaign Breakdowns:

  • [coming soon...] Reddit: The case of the NFT avatars - a post from our partner
  • [coming soon...] Starbucks: A loyalty program that innovates - a post from our partner

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